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Haiyong Cheng

上市日期: 2016-01-30


Members of the Investment Committee

Mr. Cheng Haiyong has 19 years of investment experience. He has served as assistant general manager of Huaxia Fund Management Co., Ltd., member of the management committee, investment director, chairman of stock investment decision-making committee and executive director of Huaxia Fund (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. In 2004, he joined Huaxia Fund, former Xing'an Fund Manager, National Social Security Equity Fund Manager, Deputy General Manager of Investment Department, Director of International Investment, Chief Executive Officer of Huaxia Fund (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and Manager of Huaxia Renaissance Fund. Previously worked at Junan Securities Co., Ltd., Po surplus Fund Management Co., Ltd., Invesco Great Wall Fund Management Co., Ltd.

Mr. Haiyong Cheng graduated from Peking University


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