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  Renhe captial with excellent investment ability and professional level, good investment performance to win Japan's largest securities company Nomura Securities recognition. And Nomura Asset Management Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nomura Holding Co., Ltd., established Shenzhen Dongfang Ren Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen. Oriental cooperation for Nomura Holdings in China's major equity investment management platform, as Nomura huge customer asset allocation in China's equity investment in one of the core channel.











  "Nomura Asset Management believes that the establishment of Sino-foreign joint venture fund management companies in mainland China, is a valuable opportunity to enter the Chinese market.China has grown into one of the world's major financial markets, Nomura will continue to continue to expand China's business and enhance its In the Chinese market influence.

  The joint venture company has set up a wealth of investment experience and good performance of the investment team, its core members of the investment management experience more than 17 years. The joint venture will also initially establish a pool of proposed investment projects to accelerate the equity investment business in China and tap the equity investment opportunities in the Chinese market. "

  -----China Securities Journal



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